Event Report: FudConIn 2015

As promised I am back from fudcon india with loads of experience and new knowhow about various tools.


The first day started with keynote talk by Dennis Gilmore on “Delivering Fedora for everything and everyone”. He discussed about the future plans for Fedora release engineering team. Next I moved to a different room where a talk on GlusterFS was being held by Vikhyat Umrao. This was the first time I heard about Gluster File System so was pretty much curious  to learn more about it. After that I attended back to back two more talks on GlusterFS, which are  “Geo-Replication and Disaster Recovery in GlusterFS” by Bipin Kunal and “Efficient data maintenance in GlusterFS using Databases” by Joseph Elwin Fernandes . I must add session by Joseph Elwin Fernandes was great, he is a really good speaker 🙂 . After lunch i attended Jared Smith’s talk on “Whats new in Drupal 8?”. I learned about new features that are going to be added to Drupal 8, like REST support, editing content directly, easy installation and language selection etc. The day ended with a keynote talk by Harish Pillay on how to evaluate open source projects and spoke about “open source prospector” a tool to track FOSS projects over the globe.


Day two started with a keynote by Jiri Eishchmann on the future of fedora workstation. He spoke about better graphics support, better battery life in F23 also more reliable weekly updates. Then there was a session on Haskell by Jens Petersen. Next I attended Rejy Cyriac’s talk on Selinux. after which i too configured my selinux for the good 🙂 . Soon after that a interesting workshop was done by Mayur Patil on how compile linux kernel and wrote a small test kernel module. Day two ended by tenzin chokden with his keynote talk on how GhostNet affected the Tibetian Community and how Linux helped them stop GhostNet from spreading.


Day three was mostly meeting people and attending fewer talks and workshops. Aditya Patawari, Lalatendu Mohanty took a workshop on Docker basics. Next Flask 101 workshop was taken by Sayan Chowdhury and Ratnadeep Debnath. Finally closing ceremony by Rupali Talwatkar after the lunch. Oh yes! also a photo session was there 😀 .

Will update with the link to the talks soon.


Pune is a great place! Had awesome food! Enjoyed alot! Also was almost lost on my way to the venue since there were two MITs and I reached the wrong one! Light drizzle on the day of return. Awesome experience altogether! Waiting for next Fudcon India 🙂 .

PS: Pics coming soon

Event Report: FudConIn 2015