Codeflu returns!!.. :)

*Sighs* Pitiful to look at this dead blog. Never-mind, its alive now! 🙂  So, what i did the last 12 months(almost)? Well, many things…

  1. Python Month workshop @ bcrec  (August 23)
  2. Pycon India (August 30 – September 1, 2013)
  3. Hackjam2bcrec (September 25,2013)


Other than this i spent my time working on projects such as

  • Kickchat (A chat application written in django)
  • Buff-tweet (a twitter app capable of storing and posting tweets from Cli)

Worked as an intern at OpenSourceEducation.

Spent lots of time learning and working with PHP.

This is just a preface to the upcoming blogs.

Stay tuned. 😉

Codeflu returns!!.. :)


Few weeks ago i got the opportunity to attend the mozilla workshop #mozcafe@bcrec held in our college. It was basically about the mozilla community and their unique products. During the workshop I was made familiar with the Webmaker Tools by Mozilla like Popkorn Maker, Thimble and X-Ray Goggles.

  • Popcorn Maker : Its a handy online video editing tool. You can add popups, text tags, twitter feeds and many other elements to the video.
  • Thimble : This tool helps in testing your html codes and sharing it. You can write your html codes there and check its output webpage beside. You may even publish your webpage and forward the link to your page to your friends. 😀
  • X-ray Goggles : This was something i really loved. Its works just like its name says. It simply x-rays a webpage and unveils its html codes. You can copy the codes remix/modify the codes and make your own webpage easily. Ain’t it a smart tool?? 😉

Alright that was all about Webmaker Tools.

Next we were told about designing Mozilla logos and T-shirt. We were asked to try our skill in painting using mouse and MS-Paint(mine was a disaster). 😛

We were also told about localization of  mozilla products i.e. translating the language script of the software to your local language. This would help common people to access mozilla products easily. Also, it would save the local cultures and languages from getting extinct.  I really liked the idea behind mozilla localization.

All in all i would have missed a big opportunity if i had missed it.