Dev-Sprint @ PyconIn 2015

With each passing day, we are getting closer to Pycon India 2015. Volunteers are at their heels to help make the event successful. My love for the language and being a part of the awesome python community, I  went ahead to volunteer for the Devsprints which has been introduced to Pyconindia this year.

Think of  Devsprint as having a good time, coding hands-on with your fellow Python
programmers. The atmosphere will be that of an intense one, extremely
focused on projects, with mentors hanging around to help you overcome
any roadblock that you might face. The usual outcome of these intense
sprints are patches, bug fixes and numerous upstream pull requests
from almost all the participants.

Now, that call for proposal window is closed and the Devsprint ideas have been finalized, we are busy engaging with project mentors to get more info about their proposal.

In the meantime interested participants are expected to read about the finalized proposals and complete the registration for attending the event using this link. Also registration to Devsprint is free of cost 😀 but you need to have a valid pyconindia ticket.

Oh! did i mention , i will also be mentoring two projects 😉 , Pagure and Anitya.

So hurry up and register if you haven’t registered yet! Last day for registration is 24th of September. We have limited seats and its first come first serve basis, So Get Set GO!

tous vous voir à PyConIndia(see you all in pyconindia)

Dev-Sprint @ PyconIn 2015